R-1234yf and R-744 Refrigerants

CarAir are proud to be one of the first companies in New Zealand to offer the latest in refrigerants that reduce global warming. Once approved, both R-1234yf and R-744 refrigerants will be available. The R134a refrigerant is being phased out as early as 2018.

In the Bay of Plenty, we are already inspecting and servicing a small number of vehicles that use the new refrigerants.

We have purchased the latest equipment to ensure we are ready to provide the service you need. With all new vehicles being manufactured from 2018 onwards using R-1234yf or R-744 (Co2) we will easily be able to manage the transition to these new refrigerants for you.

Our staff are being fully trained to ensure we are ready and capable of servicing vehicles with these refrigerants, and we will continue to provide on-going training for this new technology.

Keep in touch with the team of experts at CarAir for the latest news and information about this important climate change issue.