A quick use and care guide for your car air conditioning system

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system will provide a greater level of comfort, and have a longer life span with the correct care and operation. Here are some ways to help you achieve this.

Operating your car air conditioning

  • Use your air conditioning regularly, even in winter (see tip on demisting). This keeps it lubricated as oil circulates around the refrigerant seals and o-rings preventing them from drying out and causing leaks.
  • Operate your air conditioning system in re-circulate mode. This is most efficient, and helps keep all occupants comfortable and alert.
  • Set your air conditioner to 5-6 degrees lower than the outside temperature for healthier cooling. As air conditioning reduces both temperature and humidity, inside humidity can be reduced by 20%!
  • On a hot day, try to park in the shade (your vehicle could get up to 70 degrees otherwise). To cool your vehicle quickly, open the windows and turn the air conditioning on for a few minutes on high fan speed with the fresh air setting. After a few minutes close the windows and return to re-circulate air. If you park under trees watch leaves don’t block the drains and intake vents.
  • To demist your window, operate your air conditioning with your heater. This uses dry air, which will quickly clear all windows.
  • When driving long distances, adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting and mid to low fan speed. Occasionally change the setting to fresh air for 5 minutes to remove stale air from the cabin. This will help keep you alert.
  • If your eyes feel slightly irritated when driving long distances, they might have become dry from the dehumidified air. In this case, open your car window every hour or so to introduce fresh air into your vehicle.
  • In dusty or fumy driving conditions, close the windows so the vehicle is sealed, and set air conditioning system to re-circulate.

Maintaining your car air conditioning

  • In winter, operate your air conditioning unit at least once a week to lubricate the compressor shaft seal. If the unit is left unattended with a leak, rust may develop on the internal parts.
  • Periodically check the condenser and radiator to ensure they are not clogged with dirt, insects or leaves.
  • Get your air conditioner serviced regularly. Discovering faults before they become major problems can reduce costly repairs or rebuilds.
  • To ensure maximum performance and trouble free operation, replace the receiver drier and O-rings every 2 years. A receiver filter works in a similar way to an oil filter, and needs changing regularly.
  • DO NOT use your air conditioning if your engine overheats during air conditioning operation. Get your air conditioning examined and the cause of the problem rectified.
  • Check if your air conditioning is working before hot weather hits, and well before you travel long distances.

Air conditioning service

Make your vehicle air conditioning service booking well before the summer season. Long family trips will be far more enjoyable – everyone will thank you for it!