Car Air conditioning FAQs

Understanding a little about vehicle air conditioning system issues, and how our repair process works, will help you make an informed decision. We’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you out.

Why does my air conditioner have a bad smell?

Over time, bacteria, dirt and pollutants can build up and produce an odour. Keeping your vehicle clean can help minimise this odour. Stubborn smells may require the removal, and cleaning of the evaporator and vents using stronger products and treatments. Read more about Car Air Conditioning Odours.

How much will it cost to repair my air conditioner?

This will depend on the cause of the problem and the remedy required. Once we have evaluated the air conditioning system, we’ll give you a quote. Repairs will not commence until we have had you approval

How much is the evaluation?

Half an hour of our labour rate however this fee will be credited towards your final invoice should you approve our quote.

How long does the evaluation take?

Your evaluation will take between 30 and 60 minutes. We recommend you book one of our courtesy cars or take advantage of our pick up and drop off service. Read more about our Air conditioning evaluation.

How long will the repairs take?

We aim to get all repairs completed as quickly as possible. Once your vehicle evaluation is finished we’ll give you an accurate time frame.

My air conditioning is not cold, could it be the gas and will you fill it up?

Your refrigerant level could be low. We’ll test for leaks before we recharge this to ensure no further leaks can occur. Once tested, we’ll repair the leaks and fill it up.

My car is old and I don’t want to invest too much money into it. Can you just top up the refrigerant?

If your vehicle is older than 1992 it may have an R12 or an ozone-depleting refrigerant in the air conditioning system. This will need to be converted to a new refrigerant, R134. We’ll quote for this conversion once we have completed an evaluation.

What causes wet carpet on the passenger side of my car?

One of two things could be causing this:

  • A blocked or detached drain hose from the evaporator can cause a build up of moisture in your car.
  • • If you have steam or mist coming from your vents, an antifreeze smell or your engine is losing coolant; a leaking heater core unit may be the issue. If this is the case, get your car checked immediately.

Note: Engine coolant may be leaking from the heater and the engine can eventually over heat.

How often should my air conditioning system be serviced?

Your system should be checked and recharged annually before summer. Every two years, you should replace the receiver drier or filter to prevent moisture build up.

The receiver drier should also be replaced after major repairs where the system has been exposed to the atmosphere.